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Use Case Soruları

UC 1: Now, you want to find some Ben and Jerry's products. Please use the search bar or the filter tool on the Flavours page. Try to find the "Ingredients" facts for a specific ice cream product. List your steps.

UC 2: You want to learn more about the company’s history. Try to find the year the first Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop was opened. How did you find this information? List your steps.

UC 3: You want to get driving directions to a Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop (ice cream shop) in Manchester, United Kingdom. Using the Scoop Shop Locator (under the Scoop Shops tab), list the steps you took to find a Shop and driving directions.

UC 4: Explore any other section of the website that interests you and you haven't been to yet (e.g. Values, Movies, What’s New, etc.). What section did you explore? List your steps (minimum of 5 different actions).

Q1: Which features/elements of the website did you like? And why (with details and examples)? Minimum of 3 different points.

Q2: Which features/elements of the website did you dislike? And why (with details and examples)? Minimum of 3 different points.

Q3: If you were responsible for the website, what would you change about it and why? (Give details and/or examples)

Örnek Cevaplar

Use Case 1: You want to book a vacation. Find a flight departing from London to a destination of your choice. List your steps.
  1. I want to visit my grandma in the United States, in Denver. I will now try to find a flight on the website, departing from London. I will bring my 3 children with me of which one is still an infant.
  2. I'm adding all the options mentioned above via the dropdowns "From", "To", "Travellers". I also include the departure and return dates and the flight class.
  3. I'm ready and click the "search" button ( See screenshot 1)
  4. Searching for flights takes some time and there is a "Searching..." Animation, indicating that the site is busy (searching took around 9 seconds).
  5. Searching is finished. I can now see exactly when an airplane arrives and leaves from my destination, including the costs and remaining seats on each flight. (screenshot 3)

Use Case 2: Finally, you want to find out what films are played on flights of this airline. Did you find the list of in-flight films? List your steps.

  1. I click on the company logo to return to the main page.
  2. Of all the menu options, "Information" is the one that sounds most suitable. I click it and it loads immediately.
  3. The section "Service on board" seemed to fit best. However, the fork and the knife image on the other hand did make me think it was not the section I needed. But I clicked 'Entertainment' as a subcategory under service on board nevertheless (see screenshot 2).
  4. It turns out I made the right choice: On the following page all the information I could possibly need was displayed. Every single film is listed there and I was even able to select certain genres.

Use Case 4: Explore any other section of the website that interests you (e.g. Holidays, Stopover, Frequent Flyer, etc). What section did you explore? List your steps.
  1. My grandmother lives far away from the airport and is too old to pick us up. I have my three children with me and I have no idea how to get to my grandmother as all the public transport facilities are far away from her as well. So I want to rent a car. Naturally, I clicked the "Cars" button from the main menu.
  2. That leads me to a similar "Booking" module as when searching for a flight earlier (see screenshot 5). I entered the relevant information and clicked search.
  3. The results show me diffferent cars to choose from (see screenshot 6)
  4. I then clicked on the menu option "Frequent Flyer".
  5. On the next page I clicked on the image "Upgrade for Points", which took me to a calculator (see screenshot 3).
  6. I calculated how many points I would need for a first class trip from Frankfurt to Orlando: 204,000 (see screenshot 4).

Open Question 1: Which features/elements of the website did you like? Why (consider details and examples)?
  1. What I liked the most was the amount of information I got while booking flights, looking for destinations and booking a car, and the way it was presented. Extremely clear and well ordered information.
  2. The loading times were usually short (~1 second), see exception in next question.
  3. The website looks really professional. It represented itself orderly through a structure of tables and tiles. The animations, e.g. for loading are colourful and clear.
 Open Question 2: What did you dislike about the website?
  1. I did not like the loading speed when looking for a destination. It was 40 seconds and that's too long. What made it worse was that there was no animation in this case showing that the search was still ongoing. I tried it two more times and had the same experience again.
  2. It wasn't clear how to return to the homepage. You have to click the logo but that wasn't obvious from the beginning. I accidentally clicked it, and that's how I got to know it could redirect you to the homepage.
  3. I didn't like that there was a pop up asking me to subscribe to the newsletter. It appeared suddenly (I think it was time triggered) and it bothered me that I had to look for the small "x" to close it. This seems redundant, since the option to "get the latest offers" is part of the footer of most of the pages on the website anyway.
Open Question 3: If you were responsible for the website, would you change something? If yes, what would you change and why would you change it?
I would definitely try to improve the loading speed for slower sections, as I personally think that is the largest pitfall of the website. People might actually cancel looking for a destination due to the long loading time.

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